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TeacherTalk is the monthly on-line column of Plainview-Old Bethpage Congress of Teachers President Morty Rosenfeld





7/18/11       The Accountability Hoax 

2/17/11       Behind the Attacks on Seniority

1/1/11         Tax Caps Are Not Real Tax Relief

10/26/10     School Climate

10/1/10       We Can Only Hear The Rich

9/1/10         Challenges for the New School Year

6/1/10         Rethinking Our Strategy

3/5/10         An Open letter to President Obama

1/20/10       The Massachusetts Election

6/12/09       Plainview's Unwillingness to Pay For Real Performance

4/17/09       Support The President When He Deserves Support

3//6/09       A Time To Innovate

12/17/08    Cutting Ourselves

10/22/08    Before We Start Cutting

8/7/09        NEAFT Merger Caucus Takes Off

6/9/08       Capping Quality

4/15/08     The Lessons of Merger

3/7/08       Broadening Our Conception of the Achievement Gap

1/23/08    Discipline and Academic Standards

10/15/07    It's Time to Rethink Grouping

8/30/07      A New Direction

6/14/0           How Do We Raise Academic Standards

4/3/07        Let the Teachers Teach Math

2/28/07      Talking About Standards

1/3/07/       Setting Limits

ll/17/06      Teaching Kids Self-Discipline

10/25/06    Losing Confidence

9/15/06      Coming to Our Senses

8/31/06        Still No Settlement

6/6/06         Leave No Teacher or ESP Behind

5/3/06         One Big Union - NEA/NY and NYSUT Merge

3/29/06      The More Things Change

2/15/06      Putting An End to Charter Schools

1/17/06      Telling What We Know Part IV

12/21/05    Telling What We Know Part III

11/16/05      Telling What We Know, Part II

10/17/05    Telling What We Know, Part I

9/8/05        Still Talking About Standards 

7/13/05      Merger Overcomes One More Obstacle 

6/25/05      Newsday's Enemy of the People

5/14/05      The Past is With Us - The plight of public librarians

3/25/05      Real Leaders

02/15/05    NEA/NY / NYSUT Merger and the NEA

12/20/04    Study Questions Student Computer Use


10/8/04      Thinking About Drugs and Alcohol

9/2/04        Teachers Know

6/17/04      Fahrenheit 451

5/14/04      School Board Elections in Plainview-Old Bethpage

4/12/04      Unions and Political Action

2/22/04    Crap-Free Schools

1/16/04      Let's Talk Teaching

11/10/03    Change and NEA/New York

7/10/03      NEA - It Just Won't Think UNION

6/9/03        The Newsday Solution

5/2/03          NEA/NY Elections - What Do They Say About The Future

3/05/03         The Forgotten

1/29/03          Where's the NEAFT Partnership?

12/19/02       Thinking About Discipline

12/06/02        Leave No Child Behind

11/22/02        It's the Process

10/28/02        Getting Serious About Standards

08/19/02       Once More On Character

06/10/02       On Character

05/13/02       Serving the Members?

04/03/02       Taxes - How We Support Our Schools

03/09/02       Self-Reliance and Higher Standards

02/16/02       Try A Little Organization

01/02/02       Let's Begin Simply

12/01/01       Local Academic Standards

11/01/01       Who's Patriotic?

10/01/01       A Little Teaching May Be the Remedy...

08/21/01       Chancellor Levy Finds Bloat

07/16/01       NEAFT Partnership

06/25/01       Year's End

05/08/01       Scarsdale Shows the Way

04/06/01       The Shortage of Administration

03/15/01        Small Classes Are Better At All Levels

02/07/01        There They Go Again - Administrative Bloat

01/20/01        Competition

12/20/00        Essential Management

11/20/00        The Merger Fiasco

10/24/00         40th Anniversary of the PCT

09/14/00        Reducing Class Size

08/12/00        Let's Not Forget

07/11/00        Chase's Performance Pay Gets The Boot

06/07/00        Where Are We Going?

05/07/00        The Campaign for New York Schools

04/10/00        The Certificationists

03/06/00         POB Budget Crisis

02/02/00         Performance Pay

01/05/00         Reorganization - Let's Do It Right

12/06/99         The Scores Are The Thing

11/04/99         The Reading Wars

09/12/99         Thinking About Staff Development

08/15/99         What's Happened to the Teacher/Labor Movement

06/13/99         Responsibility

05/07/99            Thoughts on Littleton

04/09/99         Let's Get It Done

03/08/99         Self-Esteem

02/07/99        Charter Schools- Do They Deliver on Their Promise?

01/03/99        The Future of Our District - The Bond Referendum

12/01/98        It Depends on What You Mean by Higher

11/01/98        A Crisis of Compassion

10/01/98        It's the 73%....

09/06/98        When Will Boards Learn

08/23/98        On Objectives

08/01/98        The Latest Shot at Homeowners

07/12/98        The Sour Note of Year's End

06/01/98        Fair Evaluations Essential

05/01/98        The May 19th Elections

04/15/98        Brooks Receives Tenure

04/01/98        The Eric Brooks Case

03/01/98        Technology Questions

02/01/98        All the Wrong Moves - Parents and Administration get it wrong.

01/01/98        D'Amato and Tenure

12/01/97        The New Regents Requirements

11/01/97        Talk to the Teacher First

09/27/97        A State Constitutional Convention?

09/01/97        The Standards Debate

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